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Our sustainable future fuel




Our technologies are sustainable

Synthetic gasoline (E-Fuels). Produced with the CAC technology from three components: Electricity, Water, CO2. Completely without fossil fuels. Gained from renewable energies, the gasoline can be produced in a CO2-neutral manner.


Our technologies are CO2-neutral

The core objective of CO2 reduction is fulfilled with the CAC technology and the innovativeness of the engineers. And there is more: excess carbon dioxide has a use and is extracted directly from industrial plant or from the air.


Our technology is ready for immediate use

Car manufacturers are conducting tests and have already determined: the synthetic fuel fulfils all of the necessary characteristics of a high-octane fuel. The existing infrastructure remains - up to the gas station.


Power-To-X – Power The Future The fuel of the future: Up to 90 % fewer CO2 emissions through e-fuels

Process chain CAC technologies for sustainable fuels