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The first tests by car manufacturers using various vehicles confirm that the synthetic fuel fulfils the required application properties. As a market launch would only involve a minor alteration of the composition of the fuel and an increase in the proportion of synthetic fuel, the existing infrastructure up to the end consumer could remain in place at filling stations – ideal prerequisites for a market launch that could occur soon.


Jörg Engelmann


“International car and motorcycle manufacturers attest our REACH-certified synthetic gasoline has 100 per-cent compatibility with the existing vehicle fleet.”

Dr. Mario Kuschel

Head of Research & Development

“Our technology is revolutionary of its kind worldwide. Using methanol as an energy source, synthetic kerosene is generated, which can either be blended or used as a pure fuel.”

Kevin Günther


“With our market-ready technology, e-fuels can be produced immediately on a large scale and used in any gasoline engine via the existing transport and filling station infrastructure - without the need for technical alterations to the vehicle.”

Power-To-X – Power The Future The fuel of the future: Up to 90 % fewer CO2 emissions through